Greywolf's privacy statement


Protecting your privacy

Greywolf takes privacy seriously whether it is personal data or images inadvertently captured during the course of our aerial photographic and video work.


Data protection

We have updated our Data Protection Policy to reflect the regulations (GDPR) introduced in May 2018.  We use a Cloud-based CRM system called Capsule to store the names and email addresses of clients and people who may be interested in our services. Occasionally we store mobile telephone numbers too.  

From time to time we send marketing emails to our contacts.  To do this, we compile an email distribution list using the information stored on Capsule and transfer it to MailChimp, an email marketing distribution service.  Both Capsule and MailChimp (data processors) are compliant with GDPR.  

We never share personal data with any other companies.  We always give people the option to unsubscribe, and if they do, we immediately remove them permanently from our Capsule records. Click here for full details data protection notice.


Image protection

Greywolf complies with the code of practice for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) produced by the Information Commissioner’s Office, In the picture: a data protection code of practice for surveillance cameras and personal information ( 

Greywolf pilots, photographers and their operators acknowledge and respect every person’s right to privacy. We would not accept camera intrusions into our own personal lives.

Greywolf accepts that it may inadvertently capture visual details of a private nature during the completion of its commercial business (we do not capture audio from our aerial cameras).  We are careful to minimise the risk of capturing personal information.  In accordance with our operating manual, we assess the impact on personal privacy before every assignment.  

All of our material is encrypted and stored on a secure internal server that only two senior employees can access.

We inspect imagery post-project and remove anything that will identify an ‘un-suspecting’ individual, sensitive location or security system, amongst other criteria. If you feel that we may have captured details of a private or sensitive nature, we will arrange for the imagery to be shown to you at our studio and amended or deleted as requested or instructed.

Click here to see the relevant sections of the ICO’s code of practice.